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G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan or LeBron?

Michael Jordan and Lebron James


G.O.A.T Michael Jordan or Lebron

Qualifier: you must have watched the NBA as an ADULT in the Jordan era, qualifying you to weigh both players or have a keen eye for athletes; maybe not a Steven A. Smith but at least a Karla Knaful. If you were asking permission to watch Jordan play, then hold your tongue, Yoot!

A Pre-reenactment dramatization: I say Jordan has 6 Rings. Jordan being G.O.A.T. also killed Al Capone.

Puzzled by the prohibition era gangster inference you slur through your braces, “if you are just counting rings, then Robert Horry has seven rings.” To knock you off your BBall dais and test your cred I say Steve Kerr has eight rings. And when you say, Steve Who I indignantly end our talk, continue my Moscow Mule, folding my napkin with maniacal precision in silent self-solidarity. I’m stalling of course – I’m over the moon. I got you, kiddo.
Shouting and recruitment of those in earshot does not make half-truths whole. You lost me! I stare at the ceiling. Two of the three fans spin at the same rate. The Big Hurt is hawking Nugenix and I notice that Stephen A’s hairline is still in retreat. I throw Lebron darts by asking for LeBron’s Sweet 16 stats and 3 out of 8, 3 out of 8 I keep hammering! Sure, I agree the nineties were a different era. An era where you cannot press 1 to opt out of a contract.

Had Jordan perfected the Flux Capacitor (thereby avoiding Karla Knaful and Reggie Theus’ fan base) he would have played in Chicago, onto Detroit, back to Chicago, and then onto the Parquet or the Forum. Jordan would have ended up with 13.73 Championship Rings, easily!

Michael Jordan is a TRUE ICON. He ushered in the shaved head, pirate earring, and split defenses – LeBron splits towns. The venerable Air Jordan’s will sell 50th anniversary editions. LeBron’s gold championship sneaker never sold well, albeit better than a pair of ZO2’s. A bevy sold to the Omegas at FAMU, a freebie to Romeo Travis, and Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson gets abandoned cart reminders.

LeBron built schools, so God bless him! Jordan does Ronald McDonald House, and technically Lebron is a mononym, like Madonna. There’s a lot of Michaels (craft stores, singers, and carnivorous boxers). Truly a moot point, but If Jordan was 6’8, and could pitch a Sprite can at 96 mph Norman Dale’s Hoosier Four-pass offense could have replaced The Zen Master’s Triangle. And speaking of movies; is it a King James machination to choose the one movie in which Michael Jordan appeared? After Space Jam II I envision Tommy Gunn (R.I.P) and King James screaming “I AINT NOBODYS ROBOT!”

Jordan created Jordan’s Rules! The truest of floor generals. Unexplainably Missed Layups should have been one of Jordan’s defensive stats between Steals and Blocked Shots. He Intimidated refs with stink eye, and his teammates stats were off the charts. In Cleveland JR Smith touched the ball so rare that he forgot how to call timeout.

When I travelled as a tourist in the antebellum Jordan era people would say, “Chicago! Bang-Bang Al Capone.” After the nineties when I rep Chicago people say Chicago Bulls- Michael Jordan and Dickey Simpkins (just kidding, Scotty)! Michael Jordan killed the Al Capone stigmatization.

I stumble from the bar, but not from overindulgence, as I tripped over my size 9XXL jersey which reads Jordan-Jabbar-Russell-Chamberlin-Magic-OneDayLeBron-Jordan-Jordan.

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3 thoughts on “G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan or LeBron?

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. Lebron is a great player but second to MJ. Michael Jordan took over the league and was feared by his opponents and I just don’t feel that Lebron is held with that type of awe by opponents. The true difference breaker to me is the fact that MJ never lost in the finals and Lebron has lost more than he’s won when reaching that level. Additionally with the rules the way they are now MJ would have torched the league that much more without the physical play of that era..

    It’s just no doubt.

  2. MJ is definitely the G.O.A.T.
    MJ was a better scorer and had a more accomplished career, AKA rings.
    MJ dominated both ends of the court. The Jordan era was more physical and MJ was a natural. Meanwhile, LBJ spends 1-2 million $$ on his body each year- cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers, trainers, personal chef, etc.
    MJ dominated the NBA. LBJ dominated the East.
    LBJ may be the better underdog, but MJ will always be the top dog!

  3. Michael!!! LeBron a bad boy, don’t get it twisted!!! But in my opinion,Mike is the G.O.A.T!!!

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